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About Us

Quality Landscaping was opened by our current CEO, Chris Lindbo, in 1994. Chris began landscaping in 1982. Since that time, we have had the opportunity to landscape hundreds of residential properties, commercial properties, as well as DOT projects. It has always been our goal to leave the properties more beautiful than they were before we started. Customer service and quality are our number one priority. Over the years, we have continually added to our client base and fortunately, have had the opportunity to service some clients again and again.

Mission Statement: To Improve Quality of Life

Vision Statement: To be the leader in creating quality landscaped environments that augment natural beauty, create peaceful surroundings and enhance the quality of life for our communities.

Statement of Intent: Quality Landscaping is people oriented. The success and growth of this company and the quality of life in our community is dependent upon well-trained, well-qualified and satisfied personnel.